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Best Investment in Cryptocurrency


In recent years cryptocurrency has experienced a surge in popularity as a cash and investment alternative. However, this digital asset’s volatile nature is putting off a good number of traders from investing. That is why industry headliners created a new digital asset class that is a more risk-free investment alternative known as stablecoin. 

Stablecoins have their prices backed to an underlying asset that’s more stable and closely emulates their value.

A stablecoin is either backed by precious metals, fiat currencies, or cryptocurrency. Therefore, stablecoins have excellent investment potential by providing a higher level of stability and stability. This article will look at one of the best stablecoins in the market today, Gold Secured Currency (GSX), developed and launched by Apollo Fintech.

Apollo Fintech

Apollo Fintech holds the title of being the first blockchain company to launch database sharding. The company has partnered with several governments to provide services, including a national currency system, tax system, commodity exchange, government bank platform, and many more. These solutions eliminate problems, such as violent crimes and tax evasion. Apollo launched two of the most feature-rich cryptocurrencies in the industry; Apollo Currency (APL) and Gold Secured Currency (GSX). Furthermore, it’s the world’s first actual Quantum resistant blockchain with a quantum-resistant algorithm.

Gold Secured Currency (GSX)

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) is gold and land-backed stablecoin. Hosted on the Apollo blockchain, GSX combines the best features of an investment coin and a cryptocurrency to grow its asset value continuously. The stablecoin enables holders to enjoy stability and growth, both of which standard cryptocurrency and traditional stable currency cannot provide exclusively. Apart from the gold-backed cryptocurrency having price stability, it is free from market fluctuations. It’s the world’s only quantum secured stablecoin.

To back GSX, Apollo Fintech uses 25% of the transaction fees from a certain amount of its products to purchase gold and land with mineable gold. GSX holders can track increases in the value of both the gold and land bought. The GSX value is tied not only to gold reserves but also to the company’s mines and gold-rich domains. 50% of the gold production backs the GSX coin, while the other 50% is distributed as yearly dividends to the GSX holders. GSXs value will continue to increase with the continued investment of Apollo Fintech in land, gold, and infrastructure.

GSX promises continual growth and yearly revenues. GSX investors need not worry about their investment as the GSX coin will always follow the price of gold. The stablecoin holders are the trust beneficiaries of all assets under GSX.

Another attractive feature of GSX is its dividend system. The dividend system rewards holders of the coin profits annually. These dividends provide coin holders with rights equal to that of owners of the company and its assets. Furthermore, Apollo Fintech has trustworthy third parties to do regular audits to debunk any such doubts. The auditing also checks on whether the purported gold adequately backs the coins.

Users of GSX can redeem the coin for its gold value directly from its central platform. There is no need to go to various exchanges to convert your GSX coin into fiat. During CDE, 50% of what is not sold gets burned with the value topped to the existing GSX to increase value further. Get your GSX while it’s still in pre-sale with as much as a 50% bonus.

Apollo Currency (APL)

As another invention by Apollo Fintech, APL features the best technological advancements in the industry. It is the first cryptocurrency to implement database sharding, making it indefinitely sustainable. Furthermore, it boasts of having technologies such as atomic swaps, adaptive forging, node synchronization, etc. APL is the world’s fastest cryptocurrency with a transaction speed of less than two seconds.

The platform is very privacy oriented. Users can send private and public transactions with services like IP masking, encrypted messaging, private ledgers, etc. it even features quantum-resistant wallets. Get your APL and start investing today.


Apollo Fintech has taken the initiative to offer investors two secure assets to put their money behind. They have catered to investors who are still unsure about the volatility of crypto with the GSX stablecoin. Whereas APL is ahead of its time and has the technology to ensure its sustainability, GSX will always increase in value. Both coins show great promise as investments and are the right place to take your investment. 

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